Constipation and Indigestion (colic)

  1. Nutmeg is very high on fibre and thus is very helpful in treating constipation. For kids below 1 year of age take 1 tbsp of breast milk add half a pinch of Tender Leaves nutmeg powder and let the baby taste it. For kids above 1 repeat the same thing with cow’s milk.
  2. Ajwain or carom seeds are the most effective spice in treating indigestion or constipation. In a vessel add 1- 2 glasses of water add half tsp of Tender Leaves ajwain and let it boil. Let it cool down and give it at regular intervals.

P.S.: Ajwain water is an elixir for breastfeeding mothers. It helps them reduce bloating and indigestion and helps the baby who depends on mothers for their nourishment.

  1. Kids above one year of age can regularly have curd with little Tender Leaves cinnamon powder for regular bowel movements.
  2. Fennel seeds or saunf is very effective in treating colic or indigestion. Take a few Tender Leaves saunf and add it to the boiling water. Let it settle down, then strain it and give the water to the kids. It will help release the gas, and your kid will be smiling again.

P.S.: If the situation persists please consult a paediatrician.