6 months old

Lentil Soup (moong dal pani)

Recipe name: Lentil soup (moong dal pani) Ingredients: 4tbsp of yellow moong dal Water Tender Leaves turmeric powder Cooking procedure: Take the dal and wash it properly. Soak it for 20 mins. Now add it to a pressure cooker With 1.5 cups of water. Add a generous pinch of Tender Leaves turmeric

Banana Puree

Recipe name: Banana puree Ingredients: Fully ripe banana Tender Leaves nutmeg powder Cooking procedure: Take a fully ripe banana. Peel it and mash it with a spoon. Add little breast milk to get running consistency. Sprinkle a little nutmeg powder to induce good sleep and it also helps in relieving gas. Happy

Apple Puree

Recipe name: Apple puree Ingredients: Fresh and juicy apple Water Tender Leaves cinnamon powder Cooking procedure: Take a nice juice apple wash it and then peel it off. Cut it into pieces and put it in a pressure cooker with roughly 2-3 cups of water. Let it cook for 15- 20 minutes

Rice Water

Recipe name: Rice water Ingredients:  Any rice Water Tender Leaves star anise Cooking procedure: Take 2 tbsp of rice and wash it thoroughly. Add 1 small star anise and soak the rice for 15 20 mins. Put the rice in a cooking pot along with the star anise and add 2-3 cups